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Each of us deserves to live a more awake, happy, and beautiful life but sometimes the only thing stopping us is the condition of our mindset. Come and experience EmpowerMe's Mental Make-Over.
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You invest in your outer appearance, so now let's put that same energy into what's happening on the inside so that you can have long lasting results.
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We Use A Thought-Based Approach

Life already has its necessary challenges. We are here to help you to optimize on what you already posses and add on to it so life can be that much easier. Receiving help doesn't make you a weak person. It actually reveals how wise, mature, and serious you are about achieving your goals. Let us empower you! 


Receive clarity on how to go from Single to Soulmate. Dating has its ups and downs. It can be fun but also draining at times. None the less it's a journey. A journey of self discovery because you will learn things about yourself along the way....

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Gain the proper tools to go from Dysfunctional to Functional. Relationships can be tricky rather it be with a coworker or a loved one. The goal is to have a healthy and happy situation with the people around you but sometimes we fall short.

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Guidance that can lead to a complete Mental Make-Over. The conditions of your mindset will determine the individual steps you take in life. If you experience excessive negative thinking then most likely your mental state is unhealthy.

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Self Development

Discover Who You Are. Living life not knowing who you are can be dangerous. At times you may believe you know yourself until life happens and then you begin to second guess not only your identity but overall existence.

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Finding Direction

Determine your direction. Waiting for purpose to become clear can actually lead to procrastination and being unfulfilled. Learn how to search the desires of your heart and set a course to being fulfilled and happy.

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Finding Health

Put in good, receive good. Our inner emotions are largely influenced by what we put into our body. Receive guidance to better eating habits and a healthy lifestyle that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

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Quantavia Foster

Founder and Executive Director
If having a coach in sports is required in order for an athlete to reach their goals regardless of their athletic abilities, then why would a coach not be necessary at some point in your life when life is the hardest sport of them all? 
-Quantavia Foster


We love our clients. We're glad the feeling is mutual.
Brandon C.

I felt like EmpowerMe Life Coaching understood me. This experience helped me to see things from all perspectives and held me accountable in situations where I didn't see both sides. My coach was such a positive light, encouraging and motivational.

Jasmine L.

EmpowerMe is such an authentic platform and is relevant to the challenges we face. Your insight brings about a new perspective that helps me grow. I feel EMPOWERed in knowing that I can use your helpful tips throughout various phases of my journey that'll help me accomplish my goals.

"The Debt Free Lady"

The sessions challenged me but my mind & spirit was always encouraged knowing I had the support of my life coach. Today I am able to implement tools DAILY provided by EmpowerMe Life Coaching. I am a better me because of the guidance and encouragement of my life coach. If you are contemplating her services, contemplate no more, your heart, mind, and soul will be transformed for the better.


Very inspirational! EmpowerMe is being lead by a smart black woman looking to help others not just women but people. This organization is a great role model for young girls who need someone who looks like them that want to be more than what they see in their neighborhood. EmpowerMe promotes self love, helping women everywhere understand that you have to love yourself first. Thank you for what you do!

Trumaine B.

EmpowerMe cared about my situation as if it was theirs. It feels good for someone to be understanding of me and what I needed especially when others are so judgemental in the world. EmpowerMe cares about people in general. They are very inspirational and motivational.

Jonathan E.

EmpowerMe Life Coaching has helped me change my way of thinking. I've stopped overthinking and can now accept things for what they are. Most importantly this experience has encouraged me to have more self love and that's big for me!

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It's a beautiful thing when you learn to look up, look within, and look forward. We want to help you get there. It all starts with working with a reliable and experienced life coach professional that specializes in working with individuals and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life changes. Book your free discovery call now and let's start to explore how I can partner with you to help you accomplish your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

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