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Our Focus

EmpowerMe L.C.'s focus is to meet you where you are, discover where you want to be and help you to overcome the stumbling blocks keeping you from being there.


Receive clarity on how to go from Single to Soulmate. Dating has its ups and downs. It can be fun but also draining at times. None the less it's a journey. A journey of self discovery because you will learn things about yourself along the way....

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Gain the proper tools to go from Dysfunctional to Functional. Relationships can be tricky rather it be with a coworker or a loved one. The goal is to have a healthy and happy situation with the people around you but sometimes we fall short.

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Guidance that can lead to a complete Mental Make-Over. The conditions of your mindset will determine the individual steps you take in life. If you experience excessive negative thinking then most likely your mental state is unhealthy.

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Self Development

Discover Who You Are. Living life not knowing who you are can be dangerous. At times you may believe you know yourself until life happens and then you begin to second guess not only your identity but overall existence.

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Mental Health Wellness

Life is a journey full of many roads you'll have to take. Your body is your transportation through this journey and your mind acts as an engine. Your body will only go as far as your mind will take you so I encourage you to ask yourself... "How far will my mind take me on this journey called life?"

I am not here to tell you what to do or how to live your life. I am here to help you strategize a more effective way of being a healthier you so that you can achieve your goals in life. EmpowerMe's skills and tools can provide you with the right guidance you need toward reaching your full potential. So no more allowing your potential to lay dormant inside of you. It's time to tap into that potential and we can do it together!

-Your Life Coach, Quantavia Foster

I will not quit until i'm living the life I dream of