Quite Simply, Our Mission is to Empower You

Don't continue to spend sleepless nights stressing over how to figure this all out on your own. The life coaching route may be different for you but sometimes you have to do the things you've never done in order to get the things you've never had. Allow EmpowerMe Life Coaching to help guide you to a clearer path to success!

Receive clarity on how to go from Single to Soulmate

Dating has its ups and downs. It can be fun but also draining at times. None the less its a journey. A journey of self discovery because you will learn things about yourself along the way and as a result your standards and expectations on what you're looking for in a partner will be developed. However, without knowing the proper steps to take, this road can be daunting. My insight and guidance can help eliminate unnecessary stumbling blocks so the process to finding your partner can be clearer and that much easier.

Gain the proper tools to go from Dysfunctional to Functional

Relationships can be tricky rather it be with a coworker or a loved one. The goal is to have a healthy and happy situation with the people around you but sometimes we fall short. We can't change the people we interact with in order to reach this goal but we can change ourselves and how we handle them. Gain the helpful tools for obtaining healthier interactions with potential long lasting results. In return, you may inspire those around you to change.

Guidance that can lead to a complete Mental Make-Over

The conditions of your mindset will determine the individual steps you take in life. If you experience excessive negative thinking then most likely your mental state is unhealthy. This can trigger negative emotions that can create depression and anxiety. As a result, you will experience mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages that will keep you from seeing your path clear enough to reach both your personal and professional goals. These blockages can exist even without depression and anxiety. I have an array of tips, tools and techniques that can ultimately lead you to a mental make-over so that you can stop prolonging your success.

Discover Who You Are

Living life not knowing who you are can be dangerous. At times you may believe you know yourself until life happens and then you begin to second guess not only your identity but overall existence. This unique yet significant style of coaching will help you to do some self evaluation. We can be a certain way for so long that we become immune to all aspects of ourselves both positive and negative; not realizing we are standing in our own way of success. Allow EmpowerMe to help you get out of your way so things can start happening a lot faster for you.

Finding Health

Put in good, receive good. Our inner emotions are largely influenced by what we put into our body. Receive guidance to better eating habits and a healthy lifestyle that empowers you to be the best version of yourself.

How Our Packages Work

All of our sessions are from four to eight weeks. Sessions are one hour. Each package will come with three additional free sessions and a certificate of completion. Details on free sessions are listed below.


In this session we will discover...

  • Your current goals and what goals need to be set
  • Your stumbling blocks/limited beliefs
  • The fundamentals of life coaching
  • How the sessions will flow
  • Expectations and confidentiality

Exit Evaluation

Takes place after the last session in your package...

  • Determines amount of progress
  • Determines if further sessions are needed
  • Recap of skills, tools and strategies

Follow-Up Evaluation

In this third free eval session we will discover:

This evaluation allows the coach and client to discuss how well the client was able to apply what was gained from the sessions without the guidance of the coach.

*Next sessions will begin immediately after if necessary.

Certificate of Completion


At the end of your package, you will receive an EmpowerMe Life Coaching: Strategies for Success certificate of completion. This certificate can be added to your resume to show employers just how dedicated and committed you are at gaining new skills to improve your self development in or to be successful. 

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It's a beautiful thing when you learn to look up, look within, and look forward. We want to help you get there. It all starts with working with a reliable and experienced life coach professional that specializes in working with individuals and professionals who are ready to be empowered and make positive life changes. Book your free discovery call now and let's start to explore how I can partner with you to help you accomplish your dreams and become the best version of yourself.

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